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Beyond the Ordinary Implant Practice Transforming Lives in Extraordinary Ways

Personalized care is the hallmark of our practice to deliver customized implants that feel and look like your own teeth. Start Smiling offers “Three Points-of-Difference” to ensure your experience is nothing short of complete satisfaction beginning with your initial consultation, which in most cases is the same day your implants are placed, to the incredible moment when your smile returns.

3 Disciplines = 1 Doctor

Surgical Director, Dr. Paul Petrungaro has over 30 years experience as a periodontist with extensive experience in the disciplines of oral surgery and prosthetic dentistry. His rare, multi-dimensional surgical expertise delivers on average, 20 years of long-term results patients rely on.

Diagnostics You Can Trust

Dr. Petrungaro will review your diagnosis and treatment directly with you. His minimally invasive surgical protocol includes no incisions, dedication to preserving existing bone, enhancing existing teeth and removing teeth only when necessary.

Pioneer of Immediate Tooth Replacement

Dr. Petrungaro’s “immediate tooth replacement” looks and feels like a natural tooth. It simplifies the transition to a permanent tooth because the implant structure already exists. And, expedites the development of the permanent crown by following the existing immediate tooth sculpture.

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