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Metal-Free Zirconia Implants

Metal-Free Zirconia Dental Implants

Zirconia dental implants are extremely strong and durable, and their long-term success is one of the most attractive features of the system. These dental implants were designed to withstand great force, and they are known for their superior strength and inflexibility when put under pressure. These are great qualities for a dental implant system to possess

Metal implants can be a big problem for people who have allergies. In some cases, sensitivity may not even show up until years after the implants have been put into place. This can result in bone loss and implant failure. Zirconia dental implants are hypoallergenic, so sensitivity and allergy issues are not a problem.

Titanium dental implants are known to corrode when placed into a wet environment like a mouth, and this process is accelerated if other metal is present in the teeth. When fluoride is added, metal corrosion also speeds up and can attack the implant surface. With Zirconia, which is a biocompatible material, these concerns are less of an issue, as the substance is resistant to corrosion, and it also doesn’t trigger chemical reactions or conduct heat and electricity.